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The hydrogen revolution, free energy and the liberation of humanity from fossil fuels and from capitalist barbarism

Who is afraid Hydrogen?

The hydrogen revolution, free energy and 
the liberation of humanity 
from fossil fuels and from capitalist barbarism

By Kostas Lampos PhD

The nature and quantity of the sources of energy, which humans have historically been able to utilize, determine the quality and adequacy of these energy sources. In conjunction with the nature of society and communication among humans, energy has always been a determining factor to the footprint of human civilization. This process is today at a crucial stage. 

Our society’s most burning issue is, without a doubt, the problem of energy. The existing energy system -based on fossil fuel- can barely cover the minimum needs of humanity. This type of energy is very expensive; hence the vast majority of the global population is deprived of it. It also triggers a succession of destructive wars for control of energy sources and dangerously degrades conditions of life on the planet.

The current multifaceted and multidimensional global crisis of capitalism is just a reflection and side effect of the energy crisis, whose nature is in turn a reflection of the nature of the energy system. This system is based on unevenly distributed, expensive, polluting and inadequate fossil fuel. Capitalism has been built on the fossil fuel energy system and has become an insult to nature and humanity. It is on course, just like the Titanic, to its fatal collision with a reality that itself has created: the irrevocably decreasing quantity of “black gold” in contrast with the rapid increase of its price and the irreversibly worsening environmental destruction. Capitalism has oil running through its veins and it feeds on the flesh of working society. It suffers from a kind of incurable profiteering bulimia, which constanty boosts its destructiveness. All wars during the 20th century have been aiming for the oil of the Middle East, the «global energy bank», for control of Eurasia and global hegemony for capitalism. In Germany, it was presented as Drang nach Osten, as Ostpolitik or a sad Blitzkrieg by the Third Reich. In America, it took the form of New Deal and used a violent militaristic imperialism as an instrument. Today it is expressed through an equally violent neoliberal globalization.  

The lies are now over – and so are fossil fuel deposits. The masterminds of capitalism know this. People demand a change of the market Titanic’s course on energy. However, the hard core of globalisation, expressed by americanism, seems unable to overcome its petrol obsession. Hence, according to many indications, it is getting prepared, through a new –even more destructive– world war in the region of black gold, to give a final solution to the problem of energy domination. It is obvious that the target is threefold:

·First: to secure exclusive control of all existing fossil fuel deposits so that the whole planet is dependent on its energy monopoly,

·second: to neutralize, prevent collaborations and smash its competitors or aspiring global hegemons who promote the notions of ‘neogermanism’, ‘neozarism’ and the ‘newchinese’ expansionism,

·third: to usurp new forms of energy; to decimate and subjugate the working humanity into a medieval regime

Humanity gradually realizes that Nature possesses a wealth of alternative solutions regarding the energy problem. Today, in the 21st century, socially created scientific knowledge and advanced technology can help us get rid of poverty, violence, fear, hunger and destruction. The coalition between Humanity and Nature may liberate both from the destructive madness of capitalism. This is a necessary prerequisite for the restoration of unity, collaboration and harmony in the relationship between society-humanity and Nature.

The alternative is mild, renewable primary or secondary sources of energy which, if combined, can help humanity get rid of the oppressive fossil fuel energy system, thus offering everybody plenty of cheap, safe and clean energy. It is obvious that such a radical change to the energy system will in turn cause radical changes to the economy and society, setting them free from the destructive capitalism, paving the way for a better world and a new human civilization, the ecumenical humanist civilization.

Hydrogen –until recently a political prisoner to the fossil fuel regime– is at the heart of this new energy prospect. The newly acquired knowledge, thanks to the tireless efforts of free spirited scientists, researchers, technicians and artisans, brought hydrogen into focus, allowing society to realize that this energy source can radicallly change the architecture of economy, society and humanity.

The realization of the unlimited capabilities offered by renewable sources of energy – hydrogen in particular– which can be found everywhere on the planet, opens new unlimited horizons for the development of local communities and for universal prosperity. The socialization of energy sources and infrastructure will bring about total decentralization of electric energy production. This is owed to the large dispersion of hydrogen as well as the simplicity and low cost technology of energy based on hydrogen. Hence energy can become almost a free good that can guarantee autonomy for every user. Energy equality can in turn guarantee social equality.

We live historic moments of a new great scientific, technical and social revolution. It is the result of a sharp contrast between the outdated capitalist relations of production and the advanced productive forces, which are suffocated within the confined space of a capitalist system. This contrast always brings about the death of the old world giving birth to a new one.

The centralized energy system was based on fossil fuel and is expressed as an oligarchic, centralized, disastrous and inhuman economic and political power. It constitutes one part of the equation, aiming to preserve the outdated capitalist relations, even though the majority of the population is starving, even though the planet is destroyed and life as we know it is at stake. The combined renewable sources of energy based on hydrogen are a source of abundant, cheap and clean energy for all, combined with a modern, scientifically credible and socially useful knowledge spearheaded by a peaceful-liberating computer and hydrogen technology. This is the opposite part of the equation which expresses the new capabilities of productive forces. Practically speaking, the contrast involves the inadequate –for humanity’s needs– petrol on the one hand and the abundant, available everywhere, hydrogen energy on the other hand. To put it differently, the contrast involves a handful of energy giants against the rest of the working humanity. 

This contrast must and will be resolved in a social clash between the forces backing up the two elements of the equation: on one hand the forces of Employment, Science and Culture, which aim and struggle for a better world and on the other hand the forces of obscurantism, conservation, the inhuman disastrous capitalist power, which leads society to a capitalistic barbarity.

Archimedes taught humanity that in order for earth to move, apart from the original idea to move it, you need to step somewhere and pull a lever using the multiplying force of gravity. Similarly, if humanity wants to move and topple capitalism, it needs, apart from revolutionary theories and political ideologies, a new premise, a new social reality based on direct democracy. This is a new foundation followed by an instrument, a lever to topple capitalism. Free energy based on hydrogen seems to provide this lever. An instrument like this, in the hands of a determined self-governed society, may create, step-by-step, for the first time in human history, the necessary material foundation, the stepping stone on which energy equality, followed by social equality, will gradually take a complete form of Direct Democracy and Classless Society.

This lever, designed to move and topple capitalism, is none other than the new revolution of Hydrogen and Direct Democracy. This is already underway and makes up the subject of the book you are holding in your hands, hoping to contribute to a new form of thinking, to the realization that in our hands we hold our life, the life of our common home –planet earth– and our future, with the expectation to prove worthy of this responsibility.

Ηydrogen energy is no longer a vision; it already is a tangible reality which refuses, despite hard pressure, to succumb to the forces that alienate working humanity, destroy the environment, wage violent wars and support capitalist barbarity. Hydrogen, which  abounds on this planet, can offer free, safe, copious amounts of clean hydrogen energy. For this to happen, the only alliance which can librate humanity from the chains of capitalist necessity is made up of the forces of Employment, Science and Culture. Together they must prevent capital from usurping a public good, turning it into a merchandise and using it as the chains of a new medieval slavery.

Sciences, research and technology have solved all technical problems regarding the production of hydrogen and free hydrogen energy. This is the only green form of energy for private consumption, covering from households to local communities, municipalities, prefectures, whole countries and humanity as a whole. Energy independence is now a real possibility for all of us, for society and humanity. Energy independence leads to energy equality, which in turn, in conditions of direct democracy, leads to social equality. Without this there can be no equality in human rights, no equality before the law, no egalitarianism, no freedom, no democracy and no peace.

A better world is before us; let us open our eyes and admire it, let us reach our hands out and make it our own, because it belongs to us, to the individuals, to working society and nobody else. This book, unique in its field, is a step-by step guide, sheding light and explaining all aspects of the issue in an unbiased and well-documented manner
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